Check out these South Maui “Best Buys”

Love the beach? Wailea Point 1801 has direct acces to Polo Beach! $3.15M

If you are thinking about buying a condo or home in South Maui, you should check out my “Best Buy” lists.  Periodically these will be updated with new listings, price changes, and my favorite condos and homes currently available in the Maui real estate market.  There are 2 lists, one that features condos and a separate one for homes. 

 On both lists the left column is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) number for each property.  If you click on the MLS number it will take you to it’s corresponding MLS page with more information, pictures, and details concerning the property. The far right column states a very brief comment on why that property has been picked as a best buy.  Some have great locations or views,  others have been nicely upgraded or remodeled, while some simply have low prices.  

The South Maui Condo Best Buy List  includes Wailea & Makena Vacation Rental Resorts as well as Resorts that are classified as residential and do not allow short-term rentals.  Also listed are condos available in South Kihei & North Kihei.  Each area is a little different and all have their benefits.  North Kihei is more affordable. South Kihei is family friendly and close to some great beaches.  Wailea & Makena offer much more of the “Maui Lifestyle.”  With close proximity to world-class beaches, resorts, golf, fine dining, shopping, spas and ocean activities, you could hardly imagine a better place to own real estate in the whole world.   

The South Maui Homes Best Buy List  features homes available in the areas of Wailea & Makena, Maui Meadows, South, Central, & North Kihei, as well as Oceanfront Properties – which of course stand in a class by themselves.  For each home, click on the MLS number for more detailed info.  On the list you can see the address, price, number of bedrooms & bathrooms, square feet, subdivision, and ohana info. Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family.  These are separate dwellings that are typically smaller than the main living area and can either be attached to or detached from the main house.  They can be rented out to offset your costs or used as private quarters to all the guests you can expect once you’ve purchased a home in Maui. 🙂 

If you wish to know more about why a particular property is what I consider to be a “Best Buy” in South Maui Real Estate or you want to visit one of the listings please do not hesitate to contact me. If you are interested in buying real estate anywhere on Maui let me know and I can find something that fits your exact criteria.  Just tell me what you’re looking for and I can find you a “Best Buy” to call your own!   

South Maui CONDOS Best Buy List  CLICK HERE

South Maui HOMES Best Buy List  CLICK HERE


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